Quyu allows customers the flexibility to shop at their convenience. Quyu’s self-reporting tool helps businesses improve the customer experience while saving time. Quyu also enables users to view user ratings on Covid19 safety procedures at their favorite locations. Users can earn points towards exclusive offers when they use Quyu to provide updates to help other users.

Consumer and Home Goods stores using Quyu can create personalized promotions, announcements and targeted ads to drive traffic and generate goodwill. Consumers are empowered by Quyu to save time and money. Customers no longer have to waste time with long waits or lines. Customers can access real-time updates on estimated wait times, lines, and crowd size. Quyu helps reduce customer frustration and walk-aways.

Successful businesses have to provide an exceptional customer experience. Many consumers check online reviews before deciding to visit local stores. Negative reviews impact consumer opinions and deter potential customers. Consumer and Home Goods stores are challenged to find ways to increase customer satisfaction and goodwill. Quyu provides a solution to these unique challenges by improving the customer experience and the business reputation as well as driving more business by connecting with users when they are making decisions about where to go. This means they’ll spend less time waiting in lines and more time shopping.

  • 1) Generate personalized ads and offers to improve the customer experience and goodwill.
  • 2) Increase in-store transactions to drive incremental revenue.
  • 3) Increase customer lifetime value.
  • 4) Avoid losing customers due to service delays.
  • 5) Many brick-and-mortar shoppers want to experience products in-store before making a final decision.
  • 6) Eliminate the wait to delight customers, improve productivity, and increase sales.
  • 7) Reduce the amount of time people must wait in line which results in fewer walk-aways and more business.

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For additional information on investing in Quyu, please contact

For additional information on investing in Quyu, please contact

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