users can receive real-time updates about estimated wait times, lines, crowds and parking. Quyu also provides users access to other users’ ratings of Covid19 safety procedures. Reputation is important particularly in the Hotel and Transportation industries. Customers who are satisfied often refer their friends – and people who are dissatisfied also share their negative experiences. It’s more important than ever to deliver a great experience, not just good accommodations and rides. Waiting for long periods of time and being in crowds is unpleasant and unhealthy. Help your community flatten the curve and avoid negative online reviews by improving the user experience and minimizing wait times and crowds for consumer convenience. Notify consumers of delays to control expectations and reduce frustration. Quyu analytics provides reports and data about the user experience. Monitor real-time updates on crowds and wait times. To learn more about how Quyu can help you, contact us at

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For additional information on investing in Quyu, please contact

For additional information on investing in Quyu, please contact

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