Avoid waiting, long lines and overly crowded spaces. See user ratings of local restaurants Covid19 safety practices. Quyu also helps you choose the most convenient time to visit your favorite stores. Earn points for exclusive offers from participating Grocery and Specialty Food stores.

For restaurant and bar owners, Quyu provides a tool to keep customers informed with live updates of what’s happening at their business. Patrons can access real-time updates with estimated wait times, lines and crowd size. Time saved = happy customers!

Grocery and Specialty Food owners can also provide hourly updates on their Covid19 safety practices and used Quyu to help increase revenue by shifting excess demand to off-peak hours. By empowering customers with information on wait times, lines and crowd size, customers can save time and visit at a time that works with their schedule.

Grocery and Specialty Food stores have to provide excellent products and a great user experience. Quyu gives your customers a more satisfying experience, which can give you an enormous edge over your competition. Business competition has never been greater and leveraging customer service as a competitive advantage is increasingly more important for business owners to keep customers and to attract new ones. When you look at why businesses lose customers, natural attrition only accounts for 4% of lost customers. Over 80% leave because of poor customer service. User experience matters!

User data and feedback allow Quyu to create Qscores that rate the “serviceability” or service level of businesses which gives us the ability to drive customers to local grocery and specialty food shops. With Quyu, business owners can also send promotions, announcements, targeted ads, and much more.

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For additional information on investing in Quyu, please contact

For additional information on investing in Quyu, please contact

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