Grocery & Specialty Food store owners are challenged to provide a great user experience. Quyu helps give customers a more satisfying experience, which can give business owners an enormous edge over the competition. Grocery & Specialty Food owners can also provide hourly updates on their Covid19 safety practices and use Quyu to help increase revenue by shifting excess demand to off-peak hours. Quyu helps consumers choose a convenient time to visit local Grocery & Specialty Foods stores. By empowering consumers with information on wait times, lines and crowd size, customers can save time and shop at a time that works best for their schedule.

Business owners and consumers provide data and feedback that allows Quyu to create Qscores that rate the “serviceability” or service level of businesses which gives us the ability to drive customers to local Grocery & Specialty food shops. With Quyu, business owners can also use special promotions, announcements and targeted ads to engage with customers and increase goodwill. To learn more about how Quyu can help you, contact us at su*****@go****.com.

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