It’s more important than ever for restaurant and bar owners to deliver a great experience, not just good food and drinks. Quyu helps business owners provide customers a more satisfying experience, which can be an enormous edge over the competition. Quyu is a tool that promotes convenience and helps keep customers informed about what’s happening at their favorite places. Patrons can access real-time updates with estimated wait times, crowd size and even user ratings of Covid19 safety practices at their favorite places. Time saved = happy customers!

Quyu helps business owners increase revenue by reducing turn-aways, reducing no-shows, and shifting excess demand to off-peak hours. By empowering your customers with information on wait times, lines, crowd size and Covid19 safety practices, they can save time and stress by visiting at a more convenient time. Quyu gives consumers a more satisfying experience, which can provide an enormous edge over competition. Leveraging customer service as a competitive advantage is increasingly more important for business owners to keep customers and to attract new ones. Over 80% of customers leave because of poor customer service. User experience matters! To learn more about how Quyu can help you, contact us at su*****@go****.com.

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