Users can view real-time updates about crowd size, lines and wait times and determine the best times to visit Government and Public Service offices. You can also see other users’ ratings of Covid19 Safety Procedures.

For Government Organizations, Quyu analytics provides useful data regarding user behavior, service metrics and customer profiles. Government Offices are under pressure to deliver higher quality services. Quyu can cost effectively improve customer service and remove the constraints of outdated processes. Show customers you respect their time and care about their experience and provide employees a greater opportunity to promote your services and spend more time helping customers.

Quyu can also help flatten the curve by allowing consumers to practice social distancing and spend less time in line or waiting. Using Quyu, government agencies can find ways to save consumers time, streamline processes, and enhance the consumer experience.
Reports provide actionable data points on walk-aways, no-shows, and user behavior.
For business owners that use Quyu, there are no expensive hardware, updates, or installations – saving hundreds or thousands of dollars in IT related costs. To learn more about how Quyu can help you, contact us at su*****@go****.com.

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